A Little Bit About Me

Ultimately, I love designing things. I love to illustrate, animate, film, design, photograph, and basically do anything that is visual. I've always been interested in learning new skills and artforms, and trying out my talents in any way possible. I love seeing an end result I've created come from a new challenge.

In 2008, I graduated from Temple University's School of Communication and Theatre in Philadelphia with a degree in Advertising: Art Direction. While at Temple, I really wanted to learn about advertising and marketing while still using my skills in art and graphic design, so the Art Direction program was a natural fit. I could take all of the art and design courses while still filling the core curiculum with advertising research, copywriting, and account management courses. In my sophomore year, I was honored as Top Student in the Advertising program in the field of research. I learned a lot about advertising research and how to reach demographics in the best possible ways. Two years later, I was honored as Top Student in the Advertising program in the field of art direction. My time at school prepared me to enter the world of graphic design with skills and knowledge of advertising.

Since then, I've worked in many different fields including web design, graphic design, research, and more. So, I consider myself a jack of all trades with a good skillset and always eager to keep learning and expanding that skillset in the world of design and advertising.

Sarah and I at an Eagles game

Wearing my Veterans Shirtium tee courtside

I have always had a passion for sports. Most particularly, Philadelphia sports.

I was getting tired of going to games and seeing people in team jerseys and nothing else. I wanted to see something that really expressed how I was feeling for the team. In 2009, I started designing tees to represent all Philadelphia sports teams and the fans and getting them screen printed. We're tough and known for it and you'll see that in some of the designs as they let their true colors fly.

Since 2009, through the use of social media, on-line advertising, Google Analytics, sponsorships, and good old fashioned handing out stickers down on Broad Street before a game, Veterans Shirtium has amassed over 1000 fans on Facebook, thousands of hits to the stores homepage every week, and grown to become a popular brand not only in Philadelphia as our sales have gone as far as the UK. The store has been seen on ESPN.com, NBC Sports, DallasNews.com, Uni-Watch.com, Uwishunu.com, The700Level.com, SpikeEskin.com, DroppedStrikeThree.com and has become affiliated with the popular Broad Street Line on-line radio show.

The brand has always been a passion of mine, and it will continue to grow as long as there's rowdy fans that want their shirt to show just how hardcore of a fan they really are.

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am also a huge nerd. Comics, movies, books, video games, tv shows...you name it, I'm probably into it in some way or another.

Right now at my desk, I'm staring at Batman, Joker, Robin, Superman, Optimus Prime, Master Chief, Stormtroopers, Jabba The Hutt, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Finn, The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, an array of KidRobot dunnies, and so many more faces. I feel a ton of my inspiration comes from characters and stories. I get ideas from all over the place.

My interests and ideas never stop changing just like the characters I follow.

Hanging with Brian Lee O'Malley in 2012