Here Goes Nothing

Welcome to my new portfolio website!

New logo for a new everything!

After about 4+ years of having the same old same old portfolio site, I thought maybe I should update it since it's oh-so stale. Brilliant!

So, here we are at my brand spanking new portfolio website. It's a fresh (and much needed update). Along with the new website, I put together a new logo and branding for myself. My old logo didn't really have anything to it, so I think I'm already ahead of the curve here. The new logo has got a yingyang sort idea to it with the symmetrical letter forms that show my initials "J" and "P". Much more pleasing to the eyes in my opinion.

Aside from this just being a new portfolio site, I like to also think of it as an all-around Joe site. I'll be updating blog posts. You can see my instagram feed to the right there. Down below is my twitter feed. So, this site already has a lot more of my personality built into it (literally and figuratively I guess).

Take a look around. Let me know what you think! Thanks!

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