Are you ready for some football?

The NFL is just about ready to kickoff, so it's getting busy!

"Fly" t-shirt creative process

With the Philadelphia Eagles about a week and change away from a new season, I have kicked it in to high gear.

As much as I can, I try to keep (my site) as fresh as possible. So, when Eagles season comes around, I gotta make sure there's some new designs in the shop. I'm pretty much always sketching out ideas and mocking them up on models. A few yeah's, a few no's until it is absolutely perfect. Above is a little look into the design process.

The "Fly" tee started out with just the idea of "What if the wing said the word 'Fly' in it?". Well, I sketched it out. Hated it. Sketched it again, but this time adding a little more flair to the wing. So much so, that it actually came off of the helmet to exaggerate the action of actually flying. I liked it, but wasn't sure. So, I had to show my wife and make sure I wasn't crazy. She approved, so I put my pen tool to work and started vectorizing the image in Illustrator. Since then, the design has been screen printed on t-shirts, and sold to people all acrossed the United States. I'm happy with the finished design and can't wait to see people wearing the t-shirt.

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